Hotel & Restaurant proposing japanese food style

Since our Company, YAMACOH CO., LTD., started its operation in 1972, we have sought to create the dream of Japanese Beauty under our Youbi (用美) Brand. 用美 is Functional Beauty, which means the maximum beauty of our products is revealed when they are used.
We are active in the Hotel & Restaurant Supplies sector, handling mainly Wooden Tableware & Cookware, Buffet Utensils, Paperware, and Food Decoration. Our Woodenware is made primarily from precious Japanese woods such as HINOKI and SAWARA
(types of Japanese Cypress). They are revered for their delicately lined, smooth and beautiful surfaces. In order to realize the ‘Youbi’ concept, our Woodenware is created by skillful craftsmen.
We believe that our products would be attractive not only for traditional Japanese food but also for Chinese, Pan Asian, Fusion, or Western Cuisines.